Research groups


ARTIG is a research group at BTECH focusing on research and teaching activities involving artificial intelligence. The purpose of the group is to facilitate cooperation internally and externally and support the AI research activities by exchanging ideas.  A few examples of areas where the group is active are robotics, medical science, operations and supply chain management, drones and renewable energy.

You are very welcome to contact Associate Professor Martin Olsen or Associate Professor Francesco Chinello if you have questions about the activities of the group or see a possibility for cooperating with the group on a specific project.

Digital Smart Manufacturing

This research group is on state of the-art for digital business innovation and technologies with a specific focus on digitalisation of sustainable manufacturing enterprises and microfactories. Our objective is to:

  • Foster digital business models/skills/optimisation using digital technologies such as IoT, autonomous robotics, blockchain, vision, additive manufacturing, ML, etc.
  • Design and implementation of agile/lean processes for optimising the business and operations at manufacturing enterprises.
  • Study best practices, the effects and new business opportunities of digitalisation across production ecosystems and IoT-enabled resilient global supply chains.
  • Design manufacturing network topologies and enterprise architectures for aligning business with IT and OT, including shadow/edge infrastructure to cloud platforms and business intelligence (dataflow, storage, analytics, ERPs and autonomous data-driven decisions). 
  • Develop physical and virtual test/playground environments for smart manufacturing process optimisation, industrial systems engineering and educational training involving digital/lean/green methodologies, offline robotics/IIoT programming, manufacturing digital twins and CPS, materials processing.

Contact: Michail Beliatis (

Extended Reality (XR)

The Extended Reality (XR) research group aims to bring together researchers and educators interested in exploring open issues and perspectives associated with virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR, AR and MR) technologies.

Through a wide agenda of human-computer interaction, engineering, computer science, pedagogics/learning theories, human behaviour/cognition and ethics, we hope to create the foundation of a vibrant, engaged community of XR enthusiasts and researchers.

All XR research group activities will be facilitated in the xR2 lab at BTECH, AU (room 2114).

For enquiries or to join our meetings, feel free to email Konstantinos ( or Francesco (

Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

The FOSS research group is an interdisciplinary research group at BTECH focusing on Free Open Source Software. The purpose of the group is to do research at the cross-roads of organising, organisation, leadership, strategy and technology using mixed methods such as ethnographic studies, case-based studies and quantitative data. The aim of the group is to publish research in internationally recognised journals in social science, computer science and the humanities. Additionally, the group focuses on providing policy advice to industry and government on how to work with open source software communities.

Contact: Mirko Presser ( and Madalina Pop (

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The research group investigates the aspects evolving the managerial decision-making, performance and value creation in competitive operations and supply chains enabled by cutting-edge technologies, methodologies and practices.

Timely research areas in operations and supply chains of practical relevance for companies and society include, but are not limited to:

  • Digitalisation and I4.0 technologies
  • Performance and continuous improvement
  • Risk, resilience and agility
  • Sourcing and purchasing strategies
  • Supply chain design
  • Sustainable operations and supply chains

For more information, please contact Diego Pacheco

Project Management


The Project Management research group contributes with high-impact and industry-relevant project management research and promotes knowledge sharing within the project management teaching environment. 


We contribute with a versatile research portfolio to shape the project management research agenda and provide valuable insight to industry and practitioners. We apply an interdisciplinary approach to shed light on the processes and practices throughout the lifecycle of a project. The research topics address and contribute to our three core pillars of research: Agility, project teams and leadership, and project models and practices.

The Project Management research group facilitates interdisciplinary research projects within project management-related topics between academia and industry. We welcome researchers and industry practitioners to engage in potential collaborations facilitated by the Project Management research group.


Teaching and supervision are core activities of the research group. We provide project management courses for cand.IT. and cand.polyt. study programmes offered at BTECH. We supervise projects in various project management-related topics and support publications of student-driven research projects. Furthermore, we provide contemporary teaching solutions on agile project management, such as virtual reality Scrum training, LEGO4SCRUM workshops and focused agile project management workshops delivered by certified industry trainers.   

Curious to hear more or join? Reach out to Maja Due Kadenic.