EngTech (Engineering & Technology) is an interdisciplinary research section at the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH), Aarhus University, Herning.

The research of EngTech focuses on technology and engineering with a view to creating new business opportunities for private companies and public organisations.

The research revolves around technology as a starting point for change and technology in an application perspective, including the impact of technology. The section often works with technology in a life-cycle perspective from idea and design to production and operations. The main target sectors are the manufacturing and technological service industry.

The EngTech research section contains a number of specialised research groups and labs to address the specific research activities.



The vision of the EngTech section is to create a vibrant research environment in which it facilitates collaborative research of the highest international standard, creates research-based teaching and ensures relevance for the surrounding ecosystem of companies, public institutions and other stakeholders.


The main objectives of the EngTech research section are to:

  1. Contribute to the engineering study programmes at BTECH/AU with research-based teaching, in particular the MSc in Engineering study programme (cand.polyt.) and the MSc in Information Technology in IT, Communication and Organisation programme (cand.it.).
  2. Pursue and publish research within technology and engineering consisting of the integrated fabric of engineering design methodologies, engineering operations frameworks, prototypes, socio-technical systems, information systems, information technology and mathematical modelling.
  3. Create a vibrant research environment for the talent development of final-stage MSc students, PhD students, postdocs and assistant professors.
  4. Build bridges to private companies and public institutions with technology and socio-technological solutions.

Research focus

The scientific backbone of the EngTech research section is to pursue research within technological and engineering in order to:

  1. Combine data from laboratory and real-world experiments with (applied) science for understanding the processes in technological and engineering problems.
  2. Apply an open approach to technology in the context of changes and the ability to support diversity with combinations of existing and novel technologies into new opportunities.
  3. Examine engineering management processes with a particular focus on governance of technical development and operations processes in the view of support of complex and changing technologies in companies.
  4. Ensure the involvement of relevant organisational and economic aspects in concrete design, implementation and operation of technology solutions.