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Amjad Naveed


  • Business Economics (SMEs, firms)
  • Macro/regional/firm- R&D knowledge
  • Energy economics -energy innovation
  • Social issues- inequality, poverty
  • social inclusion, migration




I am an economist specializing in applied business, macro, and regional economics, with a focus on tackling social issues at both macro and micro levels. My expertise includes enhancing labor productivity across various sectors, facilitating knowledge transfer, addressing inequality and poverty, promoting social inclusion of migrants, and exploring the intersection of technological innovation, energy, environmental research, and economic growth.


My research interests broadly encompass three themes: (1) Applied business and macroeconomics focusing on sustainable development, growth, technological innovation, energy, and the environment. (2) Human capital and labor market issues, with a focus on productivity, knowledge transfer, and mobility, especially within SMEs. (3) Social issues, such as inequality, migration, integration, women's empowerment, and social inclusion.


Recent teaching – 2017 to 2024

· MSc-course (Advanced Business Economics), BSc (Business Economics, Macroeconomics - Aarhus University) 

·   PhD course (invited from AU): Introduction to STATA and its application; Introduction to Spatial Econometrics and Application with STATA

·  External (before 2017): MSc and BSc courses (macro, micro, mathematical economics, int. trade, game theory)


Knowledge dissemination: (national and international conference participation - presentation. deaila in activities) 

International network and collaboration (Collaboration with external- international researchers)

Research Proposals submitted together with external researchers.

recent collaboration (Institutions): University of Queensland; Macquarie University, Australia;  Sultan Qaboos University (Oman);  FCCU Pakistan; IIU Pakistan;      University of Southern Denmark SDU Denmark; Aalborg University (DK)


I have also been invited to deliver short courses on spatial econometrics and its applications at various national and international universities. Additionally, I frequently present my research on energy and environment, as well as macro issues such as sustainable growth and technology innovation.

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