The Production Lab

The production laboratory provides a didactic practice to enhance the students’ learning as well as a research practice to conduct empirical studies.

The didactic practice is a flexible composition of different kinds of production equipment, as for instance workstations, conveyors, robots and sensors, which facilitate students to immerse themselves in:

  • Establishing and simulating productions set-ups
  • Programming and applying robots
  • Accomplishing automation
  • Working with additive manufacturing (at present, 3D print).

The flexible composition gives the students the courage to be creative when forming their own didactic practice to test and conduct experiments with the acquired theories; this flexibility enhances the students’ learning and, last but not least, their self-learning abilities. In other words, the purpose is to establish an engineering exploratorium for the reflective practitioner.

The research practice makes it possible to accomplish empirical studies in relation to

  • Manufacturability
  • 3D-concurrent engineering
  • IT and physical simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Optimisation of engineering processes using numerical approaches
  • Prototyping/rapid manufacturing
  • The interaction among humans, workstations, conveyors and robot(s)
  • Additive manufacturing (at present, 3D print), including the interaction between CAD systems and additive manufacturing
  • Application of robot(s) to enhance the level of automation.

BTECH strives to continuously improve the production laboratory facilities, for which reason the management appreciates proposals for new equipment supporting the learning and research activities.  

For further information, please contact:

Associate Professor John Bang Mathiasen (, phone  +45 87166949).