Lab lead

Student worker

Mads Fuglsig Nielsen Hansen

Welcome to the PROTO* Lab at AU Herning

The PROTO* Lab is more than just a lab – it's a vibrant community of digital technology enthusiasts and researchers committed to transforming ideas into reality. At the PROTO* Lab, we aim to enhance societal potential by employing innovative technologies and creative tools while thoughtfully examining the impacts and possibilities they bring.

What the PROTO* Lab offers

Hands-on experiences:
Dive into hands-on activities from internet-connected gadgets and interactive displays to 3D printing and basic soldering. Whether you are building simple or complex prototypes, we have the necessary tools and materials, including various sensors and controllers.

Exploring new technologies:
Discover the possibilities of AI as it learns from data, manage projects with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, code new software that can help change the business landscape, immerse yourself in virtual and augmented realities, or pilot drones that can fly through the skies, just to name a few.

Innovation and entrepreneurship:
At the PROTO* Lab, you can turn your creative ideas into business models. We also work with digital services and networks that advance society and foster existing and new business creations.

Research and development:
The PROTO* Lab is a learning space where curious minds can gain deep insights from hands-on technology projects. Test your theories and ideas with our wide range of tech tools, including cloud platforms and mobile tech solutions.

Community and networking:
Meet like-minded researchers, students and teachers. Whether joining ongoing projects or starting your own, the PROTO* Lab supports your research and development projects with a rich environment for collaboration.

Learning by doing:
You can also join workshops and events that build on practical tech skills, spark new ideas and expand professional networks with other tech enthusiasts, creative minds, business leaders, etc. – all collaborating to shape a brighter future for us all.

Join us

PROTO*Lab is your place to bring educational, industrial, or research projects and innovations to life. We invite you to come by and see how first-hand technologies and digital prototypes combined with innovative business ideas and research are made - from concept to realisation – or just come by and say hello to Pepper, our friendly PROTO* Lab robot mascot.