Business club for students - visit to Arla Foods in Nr. Vium

This Thursday in November, we visit the world's largest whey protein and lactose factory.

Oplysninger om arrangementet


Torsdag 17. november 2022,  kl. 16:00 - 21:00

Arla Foods fills the landscape in Nr. Vium and Videbæk area. The dairies are large, modern and workplaces for many people. The latest expansion is a state-of-the-art innovation centre that will be inaugurated in autumn 2021. The innovation centre is/will be the workplace for 100 researchers and engineers. At the 9,000 m2 innovation centre, they will continue the development of new whey products. This evening you will get an introduction to the history behind the large dairies gathered in Nr. Vium and Videbæk area. Why are they located here and what is the story behind the rapid development? Why is Arla Foods Ingredients placing an innovation centre in West Jutland? The innovation centre is located right next to Danmark Protein, which is one of AFI's leading production facilities that produces whey protein concentrate and lactose products, including special ingredients for infants, etc.

The location of the innovation centre precisely in Nr. Vium is crucial because it literally bridges the gap between innovation and full-scale production. - It was crucial for us that the innovation centre is centrally located in our supply chain. It brings us as close to the best raw materials as possible and enables us to fine-tune ideas and quickly scale them up into one unified, streamlined process

It truly lives up to our mission of being able to Deliver the Wonders of Whey, says Niels Østergaard, Innovation Director and head of the innovation centre in a press release in connection with the opening of the innovation centre.
In addition to the tour and introduction to Arla, there will also be presentations from a few other companies from the area.

We travel by bus to Nr. Vium, departing from Aarhus University in Herning at 16:00.