Centre for Energy Technologies

Centre for Energy Technologies (CET) is an independent research centre at Aarhus University that focuses on the development of new and innovative energy systems for businesses and consumers, primarily in the areas of electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency and hydrogen. It aspires to be one of the leading national and regional producers of independent, high-quality academic research related to energy studies and energy policy.


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Research focus

The scientific backbone of CET is to pursue research within renewable energy technologies, in order to:

  1. Combine a large number of data from experiments with (applied) science for understanding the processes in scientific and practical problems.
  2. Design science research (understanding, analysing, systematising frameworks to determine the design of socio-technological development).
  3. Map analytical tools to understand technologies in companies and society from a socio-technical perspective
  4. Apply an open approach to technology in the context of changes and the ability to support diversity with combinations of existing and novel technologies into new opportunities.
  5. Examine energy management processes with a particular focus on governance of technical development and operations processes in the view of support of complex and changing technologies in companies.
  6. Ensure the involvement of relevant organisational and economic aspects in concrete design, implementation and operation of technology driven business solutions.


The group's main objectives are to:

  1. Pursue and publish research within renewable energy technologies as consisting of the energy modelling, innovation, socio-technical systems, energy planning, digitalization and technological development.
  2. Contribute to the engineering study programmes at BTECH/AU. In particular to support the MSc in Engineering study programme (cand.polyt.).
  3. Build bridges to private companies and public institutions with technology and socio-technological solutions.


The main visions of the CET research group are to:

  1. Contribute/support the engineering study programmes at BTECH/AU with research-based teaching.
  2. Become an attractive research project partner for national and international research groups.
  3. Support private companies and public institutions with technology and socio-technological solutions.
  4. Profiling and positioning the engineering education in the business community in Denmark and among students in national and international environments.
  5. Create a vibrant environment for the talent development of final-stage MSc students, PhD students, postdocs and assistant professors.

The research group vision is to connect these five visions in various labs where students, researchers and industry can collaborate.