Urban and Low Wind Speed Research

The following research topics will be studied in the lab; however, the vision of the lab is in no way restricted to these topics:

  • Urban wind studies
  • Resource assessments
  • Development of blade applications
  • Wind turbine load scenarios
  • Automobile applications
  • Vertical wind turbine testing
  • Socio-technical wind atlases

The Urban and Low Wind Speed Research lab focuses on implementing research mainly on low wind speed in urban and suburban areas, including innovative designs, wind resource assessment and wind integration.

The equipment in the lab are a vertical wind turbine, a wind tunnel and software for wind resource assessments, design of wind turbine components and integrated energy systems based on wind power.

Wind tunnel simulations will be applied to assist in decision-making regarding mass deployment of renewable energy systems within cities. Small-scale models can be developed in the department’s production lab. The goal is to identify new applications, technologies and methods for a novel wind power configuration, namely urban wind power.