• The Interdisciplinary Digital Business Development Project


The Interdisciplinary Digital Business Development (DBD) Project is an initiative that contributes to the alignment of research, teaching and projects in the digital domain.

The project aims to facilitate activities which:

  • Motivate research at the intersection of digitalisation and business development.
  • Integrate the research in the teaching and incorporate digital content in the department’s study programmes and courses.
  • Seek out, secure and support externally funded projects in the digital domain that are relevant to local stakeholders as well as to the department’s research and teaching.


DBD conducts interdisciplinary research focusing on the combination of cutting-edge digital technologies and business development.

By engaging in research activities through projects, the DBD members examine how private and public companies plan, design, execute, implement and evaluate digital business models and digital transformation processes. The project collaborations present opportunities to conduct research across sectors as well as locally, nationally and internationally.

The research areas of the DBD Project cover strategic, managerial, organisational and technological aspects at the intersection of digitalisation and business development. The research often focuses on specific topics such as technological interventions, sustainability transitions, process optimisations, ecosystem constellations, the Internet of Things and much more. The research publications of the DBD Project are available under the section ‘Publications’.

The research methods include case studies, participatory research, document studies, observational studies, evidence-based business development and business experimentation. The project team aims to publish peer-reviewed and high-impact academic research in the most prominent scientific journals in the digital domain.


The DBD members engage in national and international projects that contribute to shaping a more sustainable digital future.

The project portfolio is extensive and cover both research, development and application projects in academia as well as in industry.  All the projects promote active learning and exploration in the digital domain, both at national and international level, and they facilitate valuable collaborations with companies, universities, municipalities and society. To see the project portfolio, visit the section ‘Projects’.

Project results are disseminated in scientific publications, newspaper articles, conference talks, event presentations, podcasts and film productions, etc. which allow the project team to share key findings, learnings and best practices in the digital domain. A platform has also been dedicated to sharing selected project results in terms of knowledge, tools and case studies to inspire and assist collaborators and society with digital business development. Click here to visit the DBD Project platform.


The knowledge derived from the DBD Project’s research and project activities is made available to students through high-quality teaching.

Students at BTECH benefit from the latest knowledge and relevant case studies on digitalisation, as the DBD project strives to deliver research-based teaching. A key priority is to incorporate digital content into the department’s study programmes and courses to prepare the next generation for a digital future.

The teaching is at bachelor’s and master’s level, with digital business model innovation and technology-based business development as core topics. The DBD members also use laboratory facilities in the teaching to showcase, demonstrate and prototype the digital business models in practice. The project team has access to a number of labs that bring technology and business development into a physical space to better facilitate learning about new digital business models and state-of-the-art technologies. Click here to learn more about the labs.

DBD Project team

The project brings together a team of dedicated and ambitious people united by a common desire to promote digital business development.

The project team consists of engineers and business social scientists with a wide variety of skills, academic knowledge, professional experience and nationalities, which forms the basis of the DBD Project’s extensive interdisciplinary activities.

More than 50 people are part of the DBD Project and actively contribute to the alignment of research, teaching and projects in the digital domain. Common to all these people is a passion for digital business development.