The idea for Business Factory came about after the creation of the Business Development Engineer study programme and a subsequent visit to the University of Halmstad, which has a similar entrepreneurship incubator.

In 2004, a benchmark study aiming at comparing the Danish, American and Canadian Universities’ efforts in the area of entrepreneurship was carried out. The results were clear: Denmark lagged far behind on almost all of the chosen parameters. For example, Denmark offers much less instruction in entrepreneurship and does not have the same contact with the business community that they have in USA and Canada.

On this basis, the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority offered DKK 5 million for the construction and operation of two idea workshops as pilot projects. One of the chosen pilot projects was Business Factory which opened its doors for the first time in 2005.

Business Factory continues to try and help and inspire students to start their own company as well as develop training in entrepreneurship at a high international level. Today, Business Factory is a permanent part of the Department of Business Development and Technology.