Business Factory has core competences within the following areas:

  • Quick and simple access to a well-oiled infrastructure of professional consultants, coaches and established entrepreneurs
  • A dynamic incubator environment that can accelerate the innovation processes
  • Thoroughly tested visitation systems for screening potential business ideas and entrepreneurial groups
  • Marketing of entrepreneurship as a discipline through canvassing activities, information and targeted courses
  • Pedagogic setup which ensures a qualification of the business ideas and entrepreneurial groups in Business Factory’s incubator

In addition to the core competences, we focus on:

  • Selection of particularly promising ideas
  • Development of ideas and ownership
  • Implementation of ideas
  • Incubator facilities
  • Mentor programmes
  • Coaching and guidance
  • Advisory boards
  • Venture capital
  • Kick-in procedures
  • Concluding kick-out
  • Continuous evaluations