2014.09.10 | Public/media

Ikast-Brande takes innovative approaches to the school reform

It is possible to ensure a positive approach to the new school reform if the employees involved are equipped with useful tools for coping with – and reducing – uncertainties. These are the results of a new innovation process in the Municipality of Ikast-Brande, which a researcher from Aarhus University has been involved in.

2014.09.09 | Public/media

Students from AU Herning visit companies in Central and Western Jutland

As a new initiative in connection with the commencement of the semester, AU Herning has organised a series of visits for the students to companies in Skjern, Holstebro, Struer and Lemvig. The purpose is to build more bridges between the students and the business community.

2014.09.08 | Public/media

AU Herning’s business engineers move into Navitas

The 38,700 square meter Navitas building on the Aarhus Docklands has been inaugurated and is now home to AU Herning’s business engineering programme. Prior to the move, the programme was based at the Aarhus University School of Engineering.

2014.09.05 | Conference

Minister for Higher Education and Science will visit AU Herning

Sofie Carsten Nielsen, the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, will give the opening speech at a conference at Aarhus University’s department in Herning on how AU Herning can contribute to strengthening Central and Western Jutland.

2014.09.01 | Public/media

Top U.S. lawyer to contribute to Arctic research at AU

Professor (LLD) Edward Canuel, an American diplomat and professor at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) in New York, has been appointed honorary professor at Aarhus University. His focus: comparative law and socio-economic legal studies, with special emphasis on the Arctic. Edward’s inaugural lecture will take place on 24 October.

2014.08.27 | Conference

International conference on personnel economics

This week, AU Herning is host to the international conference Global Aspects of Personnel Economics. Professor Edward P. Lazear, former Chief Economic Advisor to President George W. Bush, is keynote speaker at the conference. He is the first researcher to conduct research on this area.

2014.08.18 | Research news

Innovation in Danish companies is lagging behind

In this day and age, strategy development is a major concern in a lot of Danish companies, but they neglect to focus on innovation. A new study from Aarhus University's department i Herning shows a general lack of innovation in the business community. Instead, what is currently ‘top of mind’ in the boardrooms is productivity.

Benjamin Sovacool, Professor at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, AU Herning. Foto: Anders Trærup, AU Foto

2014.08.08 | Research news

Energy research needs social science

We do not know enough about how human factors affect energy consumption and the uptake of new technologies, says Professor Benjamin K. Sovacool from Aarhus University. He has examined the field of energy studies and has found that it lacks interdisciplinary focus and infrequently uses social science methods and concepts. His findings have just…

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