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Book a Researcher 2016.

2016.02.10 | Reseach news

Book a Researcher 2016 – you can still make it

Deadline for lecture registration is the 26th of February, so you can still make it!

Photo: Thomas Bjerre Bojsen

2016.01.26 | Aarhus BSS

Students develop revolutionary agricultural grain cleaner

A group of students from the Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus BSS in Herning have developed a grain cleaner which cleans up to 40 tonnes of grain per hour. The largest grain cleaner currently on the Danish market only cleans 13.5 tonnes per hour.

Henrik Fly Sevelsted.

2016.01.15 | People

The road to entrepreneurial success

A story of business acumen, a strong educational background and the sale of a business worth millions. Henrik Fly Sevelsted, former owner of Afrika-safari.dk, talks about how he became a success in the travel sector and offers good advice for other entrepreneurs.

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