Market expansion

Does your company plan to expand into new markets, but lack the resources to perform systematic market screening and selection?

A desire to internationalise can be spurred by many factors. Maybe the domestic market only has limited potential, or maybe there are economies of scale to be gained by covering more geographical markets, etc. Growing large enough to take on an international market may prove difficult and risky – culturally, financially, etc. In a project focusing on market expansion, the company will get an insight into its internationalisation readiness, concrete proposals for which geographical market is best suited for expansion and advice about the degree of engagement in the market concerned. The company will receive concrete, fact-based proposals for action that describe how a market expansion can take place.

What can the company expect from this project?

  • Insight: The student performs a market screening – possibly based on a predefined geographical area, for instance a continent, etc. The market screening will employ pre-existing data as well as the student’s own collection of data.
  • Result: A report outlining a concrete plan of action, including proposed market penetration strategy.
  • New colleagues: The company has the opportunity to find students for future projects as well as future employees.

What is required by the company?

  • A kick-off meeting (2-3 hours) for the purpose of unpacking the problem from the company’s point of view along with any other issues in the company that may influence the solution to the chosen problem.
  • Access to any existing contacts abroad.
  • Access to information about the company’s products/services and internal procedures.
  • 1-2 follow-up meetings with the contact person. 


  • August-November: Call for project
  • February-April: Project work
  • May: Submission of project