Market analysis

Does your company want to gain a deeper insight into the customers’ preferences and choice of products and services through projects in market analysis and statistics? The students will be able to collect reliable market data and help companies to make informed decisions on the basis of statistical analyses. The students will assist in identifying which variables should be examined more closely by way of a random sample, for instance wishes as to product design, optimal marketing channel, optimal distribution, branding, etc.

What can the company expect from this project?

  • Results of a market analysis in which data has been processed and is presented in a manageable format.

What is required by the company?

  • A project that requires an analysis of customer attitudes (preferably private end users).
  • Conduct of meetings with the student during the course of the project.
  • Availability in terms of answering questions from the student by email or phone. 


  • June-July: Application for the project
  • September: Assignment of project group
  • September-December: Project work
  • January: Submission and presentation of the project