Quality control

Would your company like to work more systematically with statistical quality/process control - be it quality control of incoming goods and materials from suppliers, ongoing quality control in the production or control of finished goods before dispatch - but lacks the resources to develop and implement the system?

Our students have a thorough theoretical knowledge of quality and process control, both the statistical methods and tools used in the quality control, how to establish standards and procedures in the company and how to train the employees and implement the procedures in day-to-day operations.

In a company project, our students will be able to analyse the company's need for quality and process control, including where it would be most optimal to focus the efforts, perform pilot analyses in the company, establish procedures for control in day-to-day business and implement the procedures through employee training. The company project, designed to maximise the benefits to the company, can, among other things, deal with:

  • Batch control (AQL, incoming and outgoing)
  • Monitoring of production processes
  • Ongoing quality control of process output
  • Analysis of existing data (if available)
  • Establishment of control systems, including data capture and storage/documentation
  • Integration to the company's ISO system
  • Training of employees/managers in analysis of quality control data
  • Establishment of procedures for quality control in the production and storage
  • Reduction of the company's total quality control costs
  • Six Sigma and process improvements

The objective is that, after the project, the student will be better equipped to identify, formulate, communicate and, if relevant, implement the proposed quality control solution.

What can the company expect from this project?

  • Practice-oriented analyses and solution development: The student works with issues defined by the company with the purpose of developing realistic solutions to current quality problems.
  • Result: Analysis and solutions in the form of a presentation and a report. Implementation through education and training of the company's employees/managers. 
  • New colleagues: The company has the opportunity to find students for new projects as well as future employees.

What is required by the company?

  • The company's perceived challenges and its desire to improve the quality of the company and reduce the total quality costs form the basis for a quality control project.
  • Conduct of meetings with the student during the course of the project.
  • Availability in terms of answering questions from the student by email or phone. 


As for the GMM study programme, these projects are relevant for 2nd, 3rd and 7th semester students. The projects can also form part of the internship on the 5th semester.