Social media analysis and strategy

Does your company have a presence on social media, but is not attracting engagement? Is your social media strategy aligned with your company’s overall business strategies? Do you need help identifying the type of content that would be attractive to your customers?

Whether it is a B2B, B2C, B2G or any other market, companies are expected to have a professional presence on relevant social media channels.

Companies that need help developing a social media analysis and strategy to achieve specific business goals can benefit from working with our students. From identifying current trends to developing an implementable social media strategy, the students work in close collaboration with the company and its customers.

What can the company expect from this project?

  • Social media presence analysis: The students will work to identify the company’s social media presence as well as the trends that are relevant to the company’s potential audiences.
  • Competitors’ social media presence analysis: By analysing the competitors’ social media activities, our students can establish patterns of content and engagement that can help the company improve the social media presence and achieve specific business goals.
  • Short- and mid-term social media strategy: By working in close collaboration with the company, the students can develop a fully implementable social media strategy that might include a publishing calendar, content production and expected level of engagement.

What is required by the company?

  • A concrete need for a social media strategy.
  • Access to the backend of the social media channels the company uses regularly.
  • Access to the company’s customers for research and testing purposes. Students have to be allowed to interview and contact customers throughout the development of the strategy.
  • Conduct of meetings with the students during the course of the project. Especially important is access to the person(s) that will be responsible for the actual implementation of the strategy as well as access to the content creators.
  • A clear and realistic budget in order for the students to estimate the costs related to the implementation of the strategy.


  • April-June: Project definition
  • August-September: Assignment of project group
  • September-Beginning of December: Project work
  • End of December-beginning of January: Submission of the project