Strategic analysis and technology implementation

4th semester Business Development students have gained a solid insight into many aspects of companies’ strategic and financial conditions and preconditions.

This means that the students are equipped to analyse the strategic and financial elements within, for instance, a company’s innovation, product and market development, technological operating systems, business model and production optimisation.

The project analysis includes data collection, in-depth calculations and analyses of preconditions, and the company will receive a thorough analytical report, including suggestions and plan for how the problem defined in the project can be solved. The delimitation and focus of the project are secured through a dialogue with the university and the group of students assigned to the project.

What can the company expect from this project?

  • Results from a strategic analysis and an assessment of the consequences of its implementation. If relevant, this can include implementation of new technology.

What is required by the company?

  • A project of strategic relevance for the company, for instance introduction of new technology, entry into new markets, new products in the portfolio, etc.
  • Conduct of meetings with the student during the course of the project.
  • Availability in terms of answering questions from the student by email or phone. 
  • Access to data relevant for solving the problem.


  • August-November: Application for the project
  • January-February: Assignment of project group
  • February-June: Project work
  • June: Submission and presentation of the project