Job satisfaction

Would your company like to gain an insight into your employees’ level of satisfaction, but lacks the resources to perform a job satisfaction survey?

Job dissatisfaction is a serious issue – not only for the dissatisfied employees themselves, but also for the employer’s chances of providing a satisfactory core service. An evaluation of the general working environment and the employees’ professional and social well-being at the workplace is an important tool for being able to act on any job dissatisfaction that is present as well as prevent it from arising in the first place. In a project focusing on job satisfaction, the company will get a bearing on the level of well-being among its employees. The company will receive concrete, fact-based proposals for action that detail what the company can do to increase the level of satisfaction.

What can the company expect from this project?

  • Survey The student identifies a relevant model for conducting the survey, collects and analyses the data as well as summarises and interprets the results from the analysis.  
  • Result: A report outlining a concrete plan of action, including improvement measures.
  • New colleagues: The company has the opportunity to find students for future projects as well as future employees.

What is required by the company?

  • A kick-off meeting (2-3 hours) for the purpose of unpacking the problem from the company’s point of view along with any other issues in the company that may influence the solution to the chosen problem.
  • Access to the company’s employees.
  • An opportunity to conduct interviews with key employees in the company’s management.
  • 1-2 follow-up meetings with the contact person. 


  • August-November: Call for project
  • February-April: Project work
  • May: Submission of project