Customer relations

Do you have extensive B2B activities, and would your company like to gain an insight into how best to establish and/or maintain the relationship with your customers, but lacks input for the process?

When competition intensifies, companies are forced to consider how to differentiate themselves. In professional markets, customer relations are traditionally long-standing and close. The customer relation is about what kind of customer relationship we build and how we build, maintain and develop the relationship to our customers. In a project focusing on customer relations, the company will get an inspirational catalogue of the actions that are able to help build and/or strengthen a relationship with a customer. The company will receive concrete proposals for action based on different scenarios, for instance in terms of resources, competences and the like.

What can the company expect from this project?

  • Insight: On the basis of interviews with selected potential and/or existing customers, the student identifies which actions the customer considers to be value-creating in a supplier collaboration.
  • Result: A report outlining a concrete plan of action, including proposed measures.
  • New colleagues: The company has the opportunity to find students for future projects as well as future employees.

What is required by the company?

  • A kick-off meeting (2-3 hours) for the purpose of unpacking the problem from the company’s point of view along with any other issues in the company that may influence the solution to the chosen problem.
  • Access to information about the company’s products/services and internal procedures.
  • An opportunity to observe how products/services are delivered to the customer onsite.
  • An opportunity to conduct interviews with key employees within the company’s management as well as in its sales and marketing function.
  • 1-2 follow-up meetings with the contact person. 


  • August-November: Call for project
  • February-April: Project work
  • May: Submission of project