For external co-examiners

Below, you will find the information and instructions relevant for co-examiners at the Department of Business Development and Technology.  

External co-examiners for business administration programmes

All external co-examiners are allocated through the External Examiners' Secretariat using the Censor IT system.

Read more about the External Examiners’ Secretariat (in Danish).

It is important that the information that you supply to the Censor IT system is kept up to date at all times, since the Department extracts your contact details and information about your competences and areas of expertise from the Censor IT system.

Log in to Censor IT.

Prior to accepting to act as an external examiner for an exam, the external co-examiners are encouraged to read the relevant course description in the course catalogue.  

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External co-examiners for engineering programmes

All external co-examiners are allocated through CensorNet - Censorkorps for ingeniøruddannelserne og de tekniske diplomuddannelser. You are able to find practical information, including information about the appointment process for new external examiners at the CensorNet homepage.

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Your responsibilities as external co-examiner

As external co-examiner, you are responsible for ensuring:

  • That the requirements for the degree programmes’ examinations, including the written assignments, are in accordance with the objectives specified in ministerial orders and academic regulations;
  • That the examinations are conducted in compliance with current rules; and
  • That the students receive a uniform and fair treatment and that their achievements are assessed in a reliable manner pursuant to the rules on marking and any other applicable rules.

Digital exams: WISEflow

All on-site exams and oral exams are digitised, and Aarhus BSS uses the WISEflow system. As co-examiner, you must log on to WISEflow to access the students' exam papers and report the marks.

Read more about WISEflow and how get access to the system here.

Guides for oral exams via Zoom

Here you find guides for study supporters, internal examiners (lecturers), external co-examiners and students on how to conduct oral exams using the video meeting platform Zoom.

More about converting exams to digital formats


Payment for the completed examinations will automatically be transferred to your NemKonto (Easy Account) after marking, provided that we have the necessary personal information.

Please note, however, that you are required to complete and submit the travel expenses form below if relevant.

Reimbursement of travel expenses

Any travel expenses incurred in connection with being a co-examiner can be refunded.

The scope of the travel expenses is subject to the rules applying to government institutions. This means, among other things, that all transport to and from exams at the department must be made in such a way that it results in the lowest possible travel expenses.
If you have any questions regarding travel expenses or would like further information on the guidelines for reimbursement, please contact the study supporters at the department.

Use the form below to submit information about travel expenses. Before you submit the form, remember to consult the department guidelines for reimbursement. Please fill in all the fields and sign the document before submitting it.

If you are using your own car, be sure to submit your own car's registration number in the travel expenses form.

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