Researchers from AU Herning win prestigious AIOTI award

Interdisciplinary skills across social science and technology were the basis for winning the 2023 AIOTI award.

Photo: Mirko Presser

The wind turbine industry has grown at a rate that has created a market with an increase in competitors as well as distance between wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers. This means less focus on collaboration and therefore less innovation in the industry.

A group of researchers from AU Herning has been working on solutions to that problem, and in connection with the Alliance for IoT and Edge Computing Innovation’s (AIOTI) annual event in Brussels, René Chester Goduscheit, Mirko Presser, Michail Beliatis and Kristoffer Holm received the 2023 AIOTI award for their work on creating economies of scale in the wind turbine industry using blockchain and IoT technologies to strengthen collaboration with suppliers and at the same time increase innovation in the wind turbine industry. The results come from the research project UnWind, which the researchers from AU Herning have led together with participants from APQP4Wind, Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab and Delendorff Advisory.

"AU Herning is quite unique in that we have all the relevant skills for a project like UnWind under the same roof. We have some strong research profiles in business, and at the same time, we have some competent researchers in software, who can design and implement the technical solutions," says Professor René Chester Goduscheit.


AIOTI stands for the Alliance for IoT and Edge Computing Innovation and is a European organisation that works to remove barriers to the development of IoT and edge computing while preserving European values such as privacy and consumer protection.

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