Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson appointed new member of ATV

Professor Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson has just been appointed new member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) on the basis of her research.

Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson. Photo: AU Foto

At its annual meeting on 26 April 2017, ATV admitted 40 new members - one of them Dorthe. The ATV website states that the new members were admitted to the Academy because they combine strong professional skills with a broad outlook on society and have delivered impressive results during their careers. 

“I’m excited! It’ll be interesting to represent the social sciences in this forum, and I look forward to future dialogues and collaborations with the other members,” says Professor Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson about the future collaboration.

The Academy has a unique composition of members, since around half of them are employed in companies, while the other half works at universities and in companies.

Academy aims to promote interdisciplinary collaborations
The Academy aims to promote interdisciplinary collaborations so that knowledge can be leveraged by the companies. ATV is the voice of technology in the public debate and conducts projects based on the work of its members.

The academy’s members are senior managers, research directors and elite researchers in the business community, at the universities and in other knowledge institutions. Their fields of work lie within technical science, natural science, IT and related areas. Membership is permanent, and ATV has 800 members after the induction. As a member, you are expected to contribute to the Academy for the benefit of society to the extent that your obligations at work and elsewhere allow.

About ATV
ATV is an independent think tank which aims to make Denmark one of the world’s leading Science and Engineering regions. ATV is a non-profit organisation, and the members’ work for the Academy is pro bono. The new members of the Academy will, among other things, help spur ATV’s efforts to make Denmark one of the world’s leading Science and Engineering regions.