Big smiles and sunshine at AU Herning's summer graduation

Friday, June 28, saw 96 graduates celebrate their bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering and information technology. The keynote speaker was Maria Bjørkmann from Baettr, and Maja Xia Stald Pallesen delivered the graduation speech.

Photo: Simran Kholi
Summer graduate of the year: Amalie Dalgård Pedersen.
Best thesis in the MSc in Technology Based Business Development programme: Daniel Bornhijm.
Best thesis in the MSc in IT, Communication and Organisation programme: Armin Jakic and Ann Elisabeth Bisgaard Rasmussen.

Colourful flowers and trees had transformed the canteen area at AU Herning into a ceremonial hall, and the air buzzed with joy as the 96 graduates were celebrated in the company of their families, friends and staff at AU Herning.

The festivities were kicked off by Head of Department Anders Frederiksen, who gave the welcome address. This was followed by a keynote speech from Maria Bjørkmann, Senior Vice President for People & Growth, Communication and Sustainability at Baettr. She encouraged the new graduates to make their mark on the world, not to be afraid of failure, and to always remember to be themselves.

Memories and self-acceptance

The graduation speaker was Maja Xia Stald Pallesen, who completed her master's degree in IT, Communication and Organisation. In her speech, she emphasised that the students should be proud of completing their education and reflected on their time at AU Herning, which she described as "... a time of both good experiences and challenges, new friendships and memories – and also a time when you can truly get to know yourself."

The graduation speaker also highlighted “… the many hours of studying, events at the student house, and other activities. It has truly been unique. There is always a sense of community for those who seek it, and privacy for those who desire it. There is room for everyone, and you always pass someone you know in the hallways.”

Finally, Maja Xia Stald Pallesen emphasised the importance of staying true to oneself and one's values, and not changing based on others' perceptions or societal pressures: "The truth is probably that we will always be judged, so it is important to be able to listen to yourself and assess what is the right path for you, what is important to you, what your values are. The pressure to compare ourselves is something we impose on ourselves, allow ourselves, and we need to know within ourselves that we are good enough before we believe that others see it too. Therefore, I hope that you always find the will and courage to pave your own paths."

Summer graduation prizes

  • Summer graduate of the year was Amalie Dalgård Pedersen. The prize was sponsored by Baettr.
  • Daniel Bornhijm won best thesis in the MSc in Technology Based Business Development programme. The prize was sponsored by SMV Herning.
  • Best thesis in the MSc in IT, Communication and Organisation programme was authored by Armin Jakic and Ann Elisabeth Bisgaard Rasmussen. The prize was sponsored by Hans Foxby's Foundation/Kyocera Unimerco.

The 96 graduates were distributed across the following study programmes:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Business Development, BDE
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Global Management and Manufacturing Networks, GMM
  • Electronics
  • Electrical Energy Technology
  • MSc in Information Technology in IT, Communication and Organisation
  • MSc in Engineering (Technology Based Business Development)