The PhD programme is an internationally recognised research training programme. The intention is to bring the student to the international research frontier.

As part of the PhD, students are required to participate in an individually designed advanced course programme. Another part of the programme involves teaching: The PhD students are expected to gain teaching experience within their subject area as well as experience with other forms of dissemination of research results. This may include participation and contribution to other activities of the department, e.g. instructional tasks. Finally, the study finishes with a PhD thesis that can be a monograph or a collection of research papers, including a summary which explains the scientific outcome of the papers and their connections.

The programme is designed to prepare students for academic positions involving research and teaching, as well as for careers in business, government and non-governmental agencies.  

Aarhus BSS Graduate School offers seven PhD field programmes. The Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH) is part of the seventh field programme – Social Science and Business - which ensures that Aarhus BSS is able to train PhD students whose areas of research span several of or lie between the six fields. 

BTECH is especially strong within the fields of business development and technology. 


Head of programme

Torsten Kolind

Centerleder, Professor
H 1322, 328
P +4587165767
P +4551240570

Head of Talent Development, BTECH

Torben Andersen

H 8001, 1309
P +4593508705

Department Secretary

Christina Nørgaard Kuhr

Akademisk medarbejder

Upcoming PhD defences


Mon 27 May
13:15-15:30 | Aarhus University, Auditorium 455, Building 1342
PhD Defence: Lene Juel Kristensen
Psychological well-being and adherence in Danish children with type 1 diabetes. A complex interplay
Tue 25 Jun
13:00-15:00 | Building 2626, G Harvard, Aarhus BSS
PhD defence: Mikkel Brauer-Johnsen
Legitimacy management in project-based organisations