Drone Lab

The main objective of the Drone Lab is to create an ecosystem of new knowledge and innovative business models that exploit the technological potential of drones. This is done by combining the core values of CGC and BTECH, which include 1) collaboration with businesses and municipalities, 2) research and development, and 3) teaching activities that inspire the students to perceive drone technology as a means of addressing a wide range of business and societal challenges.  

In addition, the objective of the Drone Lab is to create a comprehensive web-based information portal that students can use and benefit from. The portal should attract the students’ attention based on their interests and skills ranging from technology to business aspects associated with drone technology. The portal will provide an interface between the vision of the Drone Lab and the students’ potentials and career goals; it should not only inspire but also benefit them in their career choices. Finally, the goal of the Drone Lab is also to have a one-stop information market place for drone technology and its associated business applications.

We use a business model to provide a clear understanding of the above research goals and as a means to realise them efficiently and effectively.

Strategic partners

Over a period of two years, we have shown significant growth in creating collaborations with research centres, academic organisations and companies that complement our strategic goals for research and innovation using drone technology. Some of our key strategic partners for research and innovation are: