6G Knowledge Lab

Future communication networks and tactile sensor applications are emerging technologies (6G, AI and robotics) that can transform businesses and manufacturing. They introduce numerous new opportunities for emerging technology markets and the delivery of essential public services. Engaging touch in human-computer interactions would enhance robotic control, physical rehabilitation, education, navigation, communication and even online shopping. It is expected that within ten years, current methods of remote interaction among humans will become obsolete as new forms of interaction arise that lead to true immersion into distant environments.  

Holographic communications employing multiple-view cameras will demand data at rates of terabits per second.

Multi-dimensional communication and services, integrating all human sense information (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste), are expected to arise together with holographic communications, thus providing a truly immersive experience.

Research strategy

  • Establish a lab for future networks and tactile sensor applications as the hub for innovative 6G research and business innovations in Jutland and Denmark.
  • Engage BTECH students in their Technology Specialisation projects and Master’s Thesis projects.
  • Launch at least three PhD projects and submit at least two PhD dissertations.
  • Obtain research funding for at least two international collaborative projects (e.g. EU-funded).
  • Publish high-impact (BFI2-3) research papers.