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  1. H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018: New RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networks

    Albena Dimitrova Mihovska

    In TeamUp5G we believe that motivation from involvement and engagement is key to learning. We want to place creative
    young researchers in front of the real world, enabling them to work on real-life technical issues, working across multiple
    European countries and organizations, presenting at workshops in front of industrial users/stakeholders, and becoming
    involved in standardization activities. We also want to provide them with communications skills, the ability to work in groups
    and an understanding of integrity and ethics in research. The project focus is ultra-dense small cell systems as an important
    component in future heterogeneous 5G networks (commercial deployment in 2020) and beyond. TeamUp5G considers
    aspects such as enhanced multi-antenna techniques, efficient backhaul/fronthaul, massive MIMO, communications in the
    millimetre-wave bands and visible light communications, as well as spectrum sharing and aggregation to enhance system
    capacity, decrease delay and energy consumption, and improve overall service quality. The research team of 15 young
    researches supervised by committed experts from the industry and academia will advance the state of the art with the design
    of novel physical/link/medium access control algorithms and protocols to enhance capacity and user satisfaction, new
    dynamic spectrum management, opportunistic optimisation of radio resources and cognitive radio techniques, together with
    self-organization capabilities, with different levels of collaboration, and techniques and methodologies to save energy. Both
    mobile broadband and internet of things applications and traffic will be harmonised. The new developed techniques will be
    analysed by simulation and prototyping and some show-cases (immersive video, drones) will be developed to illustrate theBeskrivelse


  2. NGI Forward

    Mirko Presser


  3. Teaching project management in a virtual environment: the Virtual Scrum Simulator

    Konstantinos Koumaditis, Maja Due Kadenic & Unnikrishnan Radhakrishnan

    This project will a) adapt the face-to-face Scrum (i.e. agile framework) simulation into a digital gamified simulation, b) develop a digital game simulation available in a web-based and Virtual-Reality (VR) format, and c) test the validity of such tool in project management courses.Beskrivelse