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  1. UnWind - Blockchain in the wind turbine industry

    Michail Beliatis

    Blockchain use for innovation in the value chain within the wind turbine industry and strengthen cooperation between subcontractorsBeskrivelse


  2. Cultural entrepreneurship for neets and start-ups

    Sofoklis Kyriazakos

    Cultural entrepreneurship is an important issue in European policies Framework. It takes in exam two main problems that affect the Union: lack of occupation and necessity of innovation. The main objective of the European Union is to create occupation and new skills in order to tackle with labour market’s demands as is written in “A new skills agenda for Europe”.
    RESONANT aims at answering to these requests and focus on the creation of new skills in cultural and entrepreneurial field. Beskrivelse


  3. Defining and Measuring Supply Chain Competitiveness : An Exploratory Study in Danish Multinational Corporations

    Sudipa Sarker

    The objective of this research is to overcome those theoretical challenges by defining and measuring supply chain competitiveness, identifying the antecedents and barriers to supply chain competitiveness, identifying factors that positively or negatively influence supply chain competitiveness and viewing supply chain competitiveness in a temporal perspective. Beskrivelse