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  1. Drone Ecosystem of Services for Maritime

    Muhammad Bilal

    Maritime domain presents a unique opportunity to utilize the advancement in robotics technology by employing not only Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) but also Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) for the automation of nearby harbor processes, for instance, ship inspection and condition monitoring, ecological monitoring, transport of small-scale supplies between shore-to-ships and harbor security and surveillance to name a few. This project study aims to:

    i. Identify gaps in the application and adoption of UAS/USV technologies nearby harbors by engaging with target groups within the ÖKS region, which include, maritime port authorities, businesses (e.g., technology developers, business developers and maritime port services providers), universities and research centers.

    ii. Investigate needs and requirements of maritime stakeholders and users to create multi-faceted value propositions of economic growth, technological innovation, environmental sustainability, and human safety in critical operations through the application of drone technology nearby harbors.

    iii. Build cross-border consortium to increase applied research and innovation focusing on the development of regional ports utilizing drone technology for offshore port services. The cross-border collaboration shall comprise of universities, research centres, companies, port authorities and relevant maritime stakeholders


  2. A phySiCal Emulator foR safeTy vAlidation and training of human-robot InteractioN (ASCERTAIN)

    Cheng Fang & Francesco Chinello

    ASCERTAIN aims to build up a risk-controlled platform to emulate human-robot collaboration and tele-manipulation tasks for safety validation and training purposes, which will pave the way for the development and deployment of the real counterparts of the physical emulator in various industries. The goal of the project is to utilize and combine cobot technology, eXtended Reality (XR) and haptics technology to create artificial and virtual environments and emulate human-robot interaction tasks to have the human operator feel as if he/she was co-manipulating or tele-manipulating objects with a virtual cobot, e.g., human-robot co-lifting. One human-robot collaboration demonstrator and one human-robot teleoperation demonstrator will be developed to show the effectiveness of the physical emulator in the end of the project.Beskrivelse