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  1. Novel photo-assisted systems for direct solar-driven reduction of CO2 to energy rich chemicals

    Allan Gross, Peter Enevoldsen, Anne Gammelgaard Ballantyne, Trine Bjørn Olsen & Maja Due Kadenic

    Ethylene is an energy-rich chemical produced from fossil fuels in industry, with high commercial value and a strong presence in the global market. Targeting ethylene as the final product, the EU-funded SUN2CHEM project aims to develop solutions that will result in efficient solar-driven CO2 reduction. To do this, the project will develop all the components to be integrated into tandem photoelectrochemical cells and advanced photocatalytic reactors. It will also conduct environmental and social studies on the new technology in the context of a circular economy, its energy security impacts and the social acceptance of chemicals produced from sunlight conversion. The project will play a role in making us less dependent on fossil fuels and in reducing carbon emissions by CO2 conversion.Beskrivelse



    Sofoklis Kyriazakos


  3. EU-IoT

    Mirko Presser