Digital Maturity Assessment Tool

Digital Maturity Assessment Tool

The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT) allows private and public organisations to assess their digital maturity against six dimensions as well as provides free access to the results, a maturity overview and inspiration for digital transformation presented in a personalised mini report. The DMAT is developed and copyrighted by Annabeth Aagaard, PhD, Associate Professor and Centre Director at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, Aarhus University. 

Click on the button below to map your digital maturity. The assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT) is an online tool that, based on a questionnaire, assesses digital maturity across six dimensions: Strategy, culture, organisation, processes, technology as well as customers and partners. The tool allows organisations across different industries, company sizes and geography to map their digital maturity and key digital development areas.


  • Is non-commercial and free to use.
  • Is research-based and developed by Aarhus University.
  • Is suitable for all types and sizes of organisations across industries.
  • Provides a clear visualisation of your organisation’s digital maturity.
  • Provides you with inspiration presented in a mini report.
  • Provides guidance for the digital transformation journey.
  • Provides your results benchmarked against sector average.

For further information about the Digital Maturity Assessment Tool, click here.

If you have any questions to the assessment, you are welcome to contact Anita Krogsøe Skou, Business Developer at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, Aarhus University.