Demo room

The demo room shows digital business model innovation in action. Out students and partners from academia as well as industry are invited to showcase and demonstrate their digital innovations and how they have affected business. 

The best way to learn about digital business models is to see them in action. The demo room brings technology and business development into one physical space to see them work in action. The demo room is a place where we can learn about new digital business models, experience state of the art technologies and see real cases from industry, public organizations and research. 

If you would like to exhibit in the demo room or book a visit to see our latest cases, get in touch with Michail Beliatis.  

Industrial robots

At the  Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, we are using RoboDk software for simulation and offline programming of industrial robots with the Urban Manufacturing Lab.

Please refer to Michail Beliatis ( for further information on joint projects and access to our open innovation tools.