The Multi-Business Model Brain Lab

The main purpose is to prepare a ‘curriculum’ on standardisation, persuasive technology, cybersecurity, AI, language and digitisation of business models. Through this activity, CGC brings together other academic institutions, research centres and laboratories, international, regional and national standard developing organisations (SDOs) and other interested regional bodies, government representatives, private-sector players and individuals.

Technology megatrend and business models:

  • Augmented reality/virtual reality
  • “The robots are coming”
  • DeepMind: AlphaZero (latest AI evolution)
  • Quantum computer/quantum supremacy


The DigiBusiness

The DigiBusiness specialises in creating digital tools for business model innovation. The DigiBusiness has created a digitalised multi-business model innovation tool, the DigiBoard, which is used for educational and business management purposes. The tool allows users to manage multiple business models at the same time and see how they evolve over time, given some parameter changes.