The Healthcare and Entrepreneurship Lab

The Healthcare and Entrepreneurship Lab fosters the collaboration of researchers and startuppers and supports them to succeed in the following three stages:

  1. Formation
  2. Validation
  3. Growth

Healthcare is one of the areas that is experiencing the highest growth in terms of startups and funding raised in recent years – an area that is expected to grow even faster. At the same time, healthcare (together with aviation) is the most regulated industry, thus posing many barriers to newcomers and current players. The business models applied today are often complicated given the dependencies between the payers (e.g. national health systems) and the end-users. Our research in this area is related to the challenges of breaking the entry barriers for startups at the formation stage and identifying tactics and strategy for the validation and growth stages.

The healthcare sector has several distinctive interests:    

  • A strong social impact
  • Significant funding available
  • No need for large groups or laboratories in several niche markets.

Furthermore, its growth potential is very high, as the area has (somehow) been left behind in terms of its digital transformation due to the regulatory barriers and the complicated environment. Assuming the existence of such a research activity, BTECH can develop initiatives around the healthcare sector that perfectly combine technology with business model innovation and support groups of students and researchers throughout the lifecycle of a startup initiative.

Research strategy

  • Study and compare business models and go-to-market strategies of key startups in Europe and US.
  • Build cluster startups based on their niche markets.
  • Benchmark strategies for the same niche.
  • Design an adaptive business model for a promising niche.
  • Simulate the effectiveness of such an adaptive business model.