CGC Research Centre

CGC Research Center do basic and applied research in Technology and Multi Business Model Innovation because CGC is the headquarter of CTIF Global Capsule - a global, collaborative, cross-/interdisciplinary academic research and industry network.

Basic and applied research

CGC focuses on basic and applied research in the following areas with the aim to address fundamental questions for scientific knowledge.

CGC Research areas

Cross-/interdisciplinary scientific projects

CGC facilitates global interdisciplinary research, industry development and educational activities through cross-/interdisciplinary scientific projects. CGC got nine project approved in 2019 for worth a total of approx. 9.224.103 EURO

The project overview       MOTOR5G Project PhD Positions

Student and staff exchange programme

CGC offers student exchange as well as cross-/interdisciplinary global research and business PhD programmes.

Hear Nidhi present her PhD: Architectures and Supporting Algorithms for Spectrum and CA for Small Cells and Ultradense

Technology Business Model Innovation course

CGC provides CGC Technology Business Model Innovation (TBMI) course for university faculty members, businesses or other. 

The TBMI Mobility course