CGC - CTIF (Core Tele Infrastructure)


  • Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF) Global Capsule (GC)

CGC was founded in 2004 as a Cross-/Inter-disciplinary academic research centre called Centre for Tele Infrastructure (CTIF), now known as Core Tele Infrastructure. Since 2004, CGC has attained its current stature as a global, collaborative, Cross-/Inter-disciplinary, independent and non-profit organisation with a robust, worldwide research, academic, and industry network.


CGC has a vision of becoming a world leader in wireless communication and the Multi Business Model and Technology Innovation era.

Through its competences and capacity, CGC will carry out the required research requirements and exploit a cross-/interdisciplinary approach to its members. The in-house capacity of CGC divisions will support the entire process: from the inception of a technology and multi business model idea all the way to commercialisation and the technology and business model. CGC will foster young graduates, industry employees and networks to develop on entrepreneurial and inter/-intrapreneurial frame of mind and mind-set.


To impact general society

The target mission of CGC is to impact the society-at-large by conducting cross-/interdisciplinary cutting-edge research, building and demonstrating functional systems, and spinning out the resulting multi business model innovations and business successes.

To develop international-level research activities

The CGC mission is to facilitate global inter-disciplinary research, industrial development and educational activities through cross-/interdisciplinary scientific projects. CGC association is developing national- and international-level research activities with a specialised, interdisciplinary approach. These all require sophisticated guidelines, forward-looking knowledge and translation into novel business models and future technologies using contemporary technologies and the deep involvement of all stakeholders (i.e., users, businesses, universities, governments).

While there may be large research establishments engaged in research activities in diversified fields, there is no professional body exclusively dedicated to ICT and related studies that bridges the various novel technology components to business model dimensions together to be meaningful from both business and technology perspectives. For the accomplishment of these tasks, CGC will attract and invite to collaborate jointly for achieving the targeted mission, academicians, researchers, experts from industries and governments across the globe.


The CGC vision is to become financially independent within 7 years (2025) of activity, supported by numerous international relationships and the possibility of establishing a series of partnerships with multiple entities, which join CGC by contributing a membership fee or providing other means of CGC support.

Read more about the different types of memberships and the benfits of beeing af CGC member here


The goal of CGC research is to facilitate and develop the CGC global cross-/interdisciplinary research areas through scientific projects, staff and student exchanges, publications and PhD programmes, setting an example for industry and standardisation for research.