Energy Demands

Nowadays, research and development (R&D) of hydrogen-based technologies combined with renewable energy sources (RES) is focusing on many sectors, including energy storage for supporting RES integration, and transportation via the utilisation of fuel cells.

To this end, the laboratory equipment comprises a small-scale system for electricity production from renewable sources and hydrogen (H2) production/storage/utilisation.

The system includes:

A hydrogen generator

  • A hydrogen generator based on both PEM/Alkaline water electrolysis technologies, supplied directly by the electrical grid or through the electricity production of a small wind turbine/PV generator located in BTECH’s facilities.

A fuel cell electric bicycle

  • A fuel cell electric bicycle (FCEB) where the produced hydrogen from the electrolyser is stored inside the on-board tank and used to propel the vehicle.

A hydrogen gas dryer

  • A hydrogen gas dryer, used to increase the gas purity of hydrogen prior storage in order to fulfil the specifications set by fuel cell manufacturers regarding fuel purity.

Auxiliary components

  • Auxiliary components such as a hydrogen leakage portable detector, an energy analyser and other measurement instruments.