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  1. EU funded H2020-MSCA-ITN-Mobility and Training for Beyond 5G Ecosystems

    Albena Dimitrova Mihovska & Peter Lindgren

    The main objective of the project MOTOR5G is to motivate and skill competitive young researchers through involvement and engagement in a variety of research activities enabling them to work on real-life technical issues, across multiple European countries and organizations, and providing a strong networking opportunity through participation as speakers in conference and workshop events and through engagement with industry and other stakeholders (e.g. standardization). We also want to provide them with communications skills, the ability to work in groups and an understanding of the integrity and ethics in research. The project focus is on embedding artificial intelligence into 5G communication systems for the smarter use of network-generated data, the automated enabling of network operators and service providers to adapt to changes in traffic patterns, security risks and user behavior and thus paving the way towards safe and reliable next-generation wireless ecosystems.
    Within its framework, the project will employ 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) who would be supervised by committed experts from the industry and academia to design and develop technologies and concepts related to the use of drone-based technology for enhanced multi-antenna and data forwarding techniques, use of artificial intelligence for novel adaptive digital beamforming techniques applied on realistic antenna arrays; communications in the millimetre-wave bands, blockchain-based approach to spectrum management and sharing, use of machine learning for enhanced quality of experience, and would in parallel focus on novel business models to sustain profitable operation of beyond 5G ecosystems.Beskrivelse



    Sadia Anwar & Peter Lindgren


  3. Novel photo-assisted systems for direct solar-driven reduction of CO2 to energy rich chemicals

    Allan Gross, Peter Enevoldsen, Anne Gammelgaard Ballantyne & Trine Bjørn Olsen

    Ethylene is an energy-rich chemical produced from fossil fuels in industry, with high commercial value and a strong presence in the global market. Targeting ethylene as the final product, the EU-funded SUN2CHEM project aims to develop solutions that will result in efficient solar-driven CO2 reduction. To do this, the project will develop all the components to be integrated into tandem photoelectrochemical cells and advanced photocatalytic reactors. It will also conduct environmental and social studies on the new technology in the context of a circular economy, its energy security impacts and the social acceptance of chemicals produced from sunlight conversion. The project will play a role in making us less dependent on fossil fuels and in reducing carbon emissions by CO2 conversion.Beskrivelse


  4. Green Business Models in Start-ups and SME BTECH Budget 635.291 EUR

    Peter Lindgren, Gitte Kingo Andersen, Ambuj Kumar, Per Valter, Ishita Sharma, Susanne Durst, Bjørn Gitle & Christian Koch

    Green Business Models for Start-Up's and SME Beskrivelse