CGC Research Centre

About CGC

The CGC research centre conducts basic and applied research in the areas of technology and multi-business model innovation. In addition, the centre is the headquarters of CTIF Global Capsule – a global, collaborative and interdisciplinary academic research and industry network.

Basic and applied research

CGC focuses on basic and applied research with the aim of addressing fundamental issues related to scientific knowledge.

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Interdisciplinary research projects

CGC facilitates global research, industry development and educational activities through interdisciplinary research projects, e.g. the Greenbizz Project.

See the project overview here.

Student and staff exchange programmes

CGC offers student exchange, interdisciplinary global PhD and research exchange. This year, Dr. Purnima Lala Mehta, Assistant Professor at IILM, Gr Noida, is a visiting researcher at CGC.

MBMI course

CGC offers a Multi-Business Model Innovation course for university faculty members, businesses and other.