Alternative Transportation

The clean transportation research focuses on investigating the socio-technical aspects of transitioning to cleaner modes of transport, in particular electric mobility. This includes researching the social, technical, political and industrial systems that support electric vehicle technology.    

Our research currently focuses on understanding and identifying the feasibility of electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid, considering that EVs have been put forward globally as a tool to achieve the decarbonisation of transport.

Considering the depth of research, multi-method approaches are used, including qualitative methods such as expert interviews, online surveys and focus groups, to more technical methods such as machine learning, economic optimisation models, choice experiments and statistical analysis.    

The group focuses on the following research topics, with an increasing diversity in coverage:

  • Social acceptance and understanding of EVs
  • Political, governing and regulatory structures
  • Business and industry automotive and power systems
  • System modelling of EVs and power grids
  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)
    • Acceptance
    • Modelling
    • Implementation