Student discount with Studiz is a service that gathers and simplifies access to student discounts. 

The basic idea is a company by students for students. We provide a mutual beneficial platform for students and companies, where students can find information about local and online discounts and companies can reach the large and demanding segment of students - whom in a few years will become their main source of income and deep-pocketed consumers.

Online stores that would like to offer students discount find themselves in a difficult situation of how to verify a consumer’s status as student. Studiz provide a verification service that can ensure that only verified students get access to an online store´s discount program.

Furthermore, the competition among online stores are heavily increasing and student discount is a society-approved discount form that allows online stores to create awareness and position themselves in the minds of their future customers.

Local companies often have a small marketing budget and therefore find it difficult to reach the demanding youth segment. However, the youngster might not be interesting at the moment, but they are the future of every company. 

- Studiz provide local companies with a communication channel to reach students, hence create awareness and position small local companies in the minds of their future customers.