Students from AU Herning visit companies in Central and Western Jutland

As a new initiative in connection with the commencement of the semester, AU Herning has organised a series of visits for the students to companies in Skjern, Holstebro, Struer and Lemvig. The purpose is to build more bridges between the students and the business community.

“The idea with these company visits is to give the students the chance to gain insight into what goes on in selected companies. Some students may even be able to use these visits to secure a cooperation agreement for a specific project, which the student can then work on throughout the semester and thereby supplement his or her theoretical, research-based education at AU Herning with practical experience.  Others may use the visits to close in on which line of work or sector they would like to work in in the future. In any case, the students will get to see what goes on in the business world, and they can use this as a frame of reference throughout their education”, explains Anna Katrine Bruun, who is chief consultant and director of AU Connect Herning. She adds:

“It is of course also important to underline that these visits are not just for the benefit of our students. The companies also get a chance to ‘sell’ their specific company to the students, who will, hopefully, become the companies’ future employees. It is very important to be able to retain a highly educated workforce in areas outside Denmark’s largest cities, and these students are the means by which we can secure the positive development of the area here in Central and Western Jutland. Moreover, by collaborating with the students, the companies get input and inspiration from the university world.”

So, on this basis, two buses filled with students took off from AU Herning and made their way to several companies in Central and Western Jutland. The students were well-received at the companies and were given lots of information, presentations and tours around the companies’ premises. One bus drove to Skjern to visit Hydra Grene and Velux, while the other bus full of students visited the companies Vald. Birn A/S in Holstebro, the CIM Group in Struer and AL-vac in Lemvig. 

Insight into the business community

“The company visits were a great chance for us to see how these companies work, from idea to launch. We have seen what really goes on inside a company – which is not something that university students necessarily know a whole lot about. It was also a great way for us to express an interest in one of these companies, especially now, as a lot of the new students in Herning are looking for a company to collaborate with through AU Herning’s Company Connect Programme,” says Maibrit Lajgaard Pedersen, who has just started on the MSc in Engineering specialising in Technology Based Business Development.

In one of the groups, they discussed whether collaborating with a company is decisive for the students’ ability to find jobs when they graduate. And also what is important to them when picking the geographical location for their future job. Some students also met with former students from AU Herning, who were able to account for their own concrete experiences and how they use their education in their current jobs.

“It’s still too soon to determine what will come of these company visits. But we do know that the students have been inspired, and that many of them asked for contact information so that they can start a dialogue with the companies about the possibilities for future collaborations. So all in all, we believe that this was a positive experience, and we have decided to make it a recurring event. We will keep adding new companies and thereby give the local businesses wide exposure and present a wide range of companies to the students, who are their potential new employees,” concludes Anna Katrine Bruun.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

Anna Katrine Bruun, Chief Consultant at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, AU Herning: +45 24 86 63 68 /