Professor Benjamin Sovacool from AU Herning to participate in UN "Expert Group Meeting"

On 14-15 August, Professor Benjamin Sovacool will participate in the UN "Expert Group Meeting" in New York. The meeting bears the title "Assessing Barriers and Challenges to Rural Sustainable Energy Access."

2013.08.15 | Winnie Axelsen

Benjamin Sovacool cooperates with the UN about the project "SE4ALL (sustainable energy for all)." The years 2014-2024 will be the decade dedicated to renewable energy in the UN, and Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General, has set a goal for the project that by 2030, all people in the world must have access to renewable energy. This is the theme of the expert meeting in New York.

UN project on energy poverty

The starting point for Benjamin Sovacool's research for the UN is energy poverty. The term refers to the part of the world’s population, who either live without electricity in their homes or are dependent on solid fuels when cooking. One in three lives without electricity and one in six cooks over fire with the use of solid fuels. The goal is that by 2030, all these people will have access to renewable energy.

Research in renewable energy from a global perspective

At AU Herning, Benjamin Sovacool's research in renewable energy adds a global perspective to the existing research. Generally, in Denmark the focus is most often on renewable energy in relation to large scale projects, such as wind turbine farms. Benjamin Sovacool’s UN project, however, focuses on smaller and cheaper technological solutions that can be used in homes all over the world.

For more information about Benjamin Sovacool’s research for the UN in the newly published report "Achieving Sustainable Energy for All in the Asia Pacific”:

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