New unique study programmes are coming to Central and Western Jutland

In the coming years, AU Herning, Aarhus University’s department in Central and Western Jutland, will establish several new study programmes. This is done in order to meet the demand of the business community, and it is also part of a diversification strategy to offer unique study programmes based on the department’s core research areas within the fields of business administration and engineering.

2014.06.26 | Winnie Axelsen

With the establishment of these new programmes in 2016 and 2017, AU Herning is expected to be able to attract students from a much greater part of the country and not least retain more of the young people in the area. Several new programmes are under way, both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, in the fields of business administration and engineering, which are the fields that AU Herning specialises in.

“It’s important for us to be able to offer something unique here in Central and Western Jutland, which can make us even more attractive and contribute to setting us apart from out competitors and the rest of Aarhus University. It is of course also crucial that these new programmes are based on our core competences within the fields of commercial research and polytechnics. We have to cultivate what we are really good at and not least focus on imparting the skills to our students that we see a need for in the business community,” explains Jacob Kjær Eskildsen, who is head of AU Herning.

Crucial to secure the production of highly skilled graduates

Helge Sander, who is chairman of the External Council at AU Herning, supports the new initiative and says:

“If we are not able to produce highly educated graduates here in Central and Western Jutland, then it will be really hard to supply the business community with the highly skilled workforce that they are currently in need of. The fact is that it is hard to get people from the eastern part of Jutland and Denmark to move to Central and Western Jutland. It’s much easier to get someone who already lives here to stay in the area. A lot of the young people seek towards Denmark’s biggest cities, and this is a tendency that we have to deal with and challenge if we are to ensure progress in the area of Central and Western Jutland.”

At this time, it has been decided that a new MSc programme with a unique area of specialisation will be established as a supplement to the existing MSc in Economics and Business Administration. A new Master’s degree programme in engineering will also be established with a specialised programme profile built on AU Herning’s core competences in the area of business engineering.

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