Michael Goodsite is new ambassador of climate protection in Herning

Department Head Michael Goodsite has just accepted the offer to be ambassador of Herning, dealing with issues related to climate change.

2013.08.08 | Winnie Axelsen

In collaboration with the Municipality of Herning and Herning Vand, the area’s water supplier, Michael Goodsite intends to draw attention to climate change and the ensuing challenges. For instance, it is estimated that in the coming years more rain will fall in Denmark, and the rain will fall differently. However, the researchers’ models are not accurate enough to be able to predict exactly where and how much rain will fall.  

“In the U.S. I have seen several examples of municipalities focusing solely on handling water issues within the borders of the municipality.  The collaboration surrounding Storå, Denmark’s second largest stream stretching all the way from Ikast to Holstebro, is a visionary project, and it is the right way to go. Sending cascades of water towards Holstebro is not a sustainable solution, as the water inflicts great damages in the city centre. In Herning we can help Holstebro by slowing the water down and allowing the water to seep into the ground, and this will cut the expenditure,” says Michael Goodsite and praises the collaboration between the municipalities of Herning, Holstebro and Ikast-Brande.