Almost 200 graduates on their way

Friday 30 June 2017 marked the summer graduation day at the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH). On this day, the graduates celebrated the completion of their studies.

[Translate to English:] Dimission på Institut for Forretningsudvikling og Teknologi, Aarhus BSS. Foto: Tine Bagger

The parking lot was full, and friends and family had turned up to celebrate the many graduates who had completed their studies at the Department of Business Development and Technology, Aarhus BSS.

One of the graduates who is now on her way is Carina Roskilde. She has just completed the MSc in Engineering and has already landed a job as a project manager in Herning Municipality where, among other things, she will be working with portfolio management.    She has enjoyed her time at BTECH and agrees with the description of the place offered by head of department Anders Frederiksen:

“BTECH is a well-functioning and attractive educational institution where young people are keen to study. The academic level is high, and there is only a short distance between lecturers and students. These are just some of the words which describe why BTECH is such a great place to study.”

Off to a good career start

Head of Department Anders Frederiksen started the day by focusing on the notion of career, and some of the graduates are actually already off to a good career start.  All students at BTECH have in fact been  collaborating with a company on a project during their studies, and many have been so lucky as to get a job as a result of this contact - or they use it as a springboard to another company. The close contact between the educational institution and the local companies is indeed highly characteristic of BTECH and one of the things that Carina Roskilde enjoyed the most during her studies.

The graduation day also included the presentation of a number of awards to students who had excelled during their studies. The event was spiced up with a musical performance by MidtVest Girls Choir who sent the graduates on their way to the sound of great music.

Good luck to Carina and all the other graduates in the future!