Head of department at AU Herning says farewell

Michael Evan Goodsite has been head of department at AU Herning for the last three years – but his contract expires in June this year, and he has chosen not to reapply for the position. Instead he has accepted a position at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, where new challenges await him. This means that Aarhus University’s department in Herning must appoint a new head of department.

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For the last three years, Michael Evan Goodsite has been head of AU Herning, but he has chosen not to reapply for the position, when his contract expires in three months. He has been offered a position as head of department at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, which is close to his home on Funen.

Following the merger with Aarhus University, AU Herning was included as one of the seven departments within the School of Business and Social Sciences. And since the merger, AU Herning has been through a significant development towards ensuring that all study programmes offered in Herning are research-based. All university-level study programmes must be research-based, otherwise they cannot obtain the necessary accreditations.

- As head of department at AU Herning, Michael Evan Goodsite has worked hard to build a strong research environment, and there is no doubt that this work must continue in the coming years as well. Therefore, it has been included in the budget that BSS will take measures to sustain this development and provide financial support of more than DKK 19 million over the course of the next three years. The work has been extensive and challenging, but AU Herning has come a really long way and has managed to establish a strong foundation for the research environment in Central and Western Jutland. Michael Evan Goodsite has made a major and dedicated effort for AU Herning, and he deserves a lot of praise for his work, says Svend Hylleberg, dean at BSS.

Choosing, not opting out

- My decision to accept new challenges in Odense is made for family reasons. Apart from offering new exciting challenges, this new job is closer to my home and will enable me to better balance my work and family life. I am choosing the University of Southern Denmark, not opting out of Aarhus University, emphasises Michael Evan Goodsite and proceeds:

- I have had some fantastic years at AU Herning, and I hope that all employees and the people I have worked with will be as welcoming towards the new head of department as they were to me. I wish AU Herning all the very best, and I will definitely work to maintain my relation and collaborations with Aarhus University. 

Michael Evan Goodsite’s employment at AU Herning expires in June this year, and until then he will work to move AU Herning well along following the cost reduction process, finish his work assignments and make sure that he is able to hand over the department to the new head in the best way possible. It is not yet clear who will be taking over the positions as head of department, because the appointment process is not completed.

Further information

Dean Svend Hylleberg, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University. Tel.: +45 23 38 20 20