Helge Sander chairman of new external council at AU Herning

AU Herning have elected former Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Helge Sander as chairman of a newly established external council. The aim of the council is to consolidate the link between AU Herning and the business community in Central and Western Jutland.

As newly elected chairman of AU Herning’s new external council, Helge Sander has put together a strong team of key players from Central and Western Jutland. He has done so in collaboration with Head of Department at AU Herning Michael Evan Goodsite. In addition to Helge Sander, the external council comprises the five mayors of the neighbouring municipalities, the chairman of the Regional Council in the Central Denmark Region as well as several representatives of companies, organisations and the public sector in Central and Western Jutland. The purpose of the external council is to strengthen the department’s collaboration with both public institutions and private companies in the local area.

- We are happy to have the solid backing from representatives of the municipalities, businesses and the region itself, and we are convinced that our new external council is a really strong foundation for further work. This level of support is characteristic of people’s mentality in the region. We really come together on important matters, and we are very proud of that. AU Herning has elected Helge Sander as chairman of the external council, because as a former minister he has the knowledge and know-how to strengthen and promote the school and put AU Herning on the map. Today, Helge Sander is no longer a part of the political arena, and we see him as a neutral person, who, in light of his expertise, will no doubt help further AU Herning’s development,” says Michael Evan Goodsite and proceeds:

- We are excited about our collaboration with the external council, and we are looking forward to getting a lot of new input and being challenged by the business community; this is after all where our students are headed as soon as they graduate. The council will no doubt benefit us here at AU Herning in the development of our degree programmes as well as the research environment, as the members can provide us with new insight and points of view.

Powerhouse for knowledge and innovation in Central and Western Jutland

The aim of the external council is to contribute to the development of the department, making AU Herning a powerhouse for knowledge and innovation in Central and Western Jutland. The council will focus on how to improve the department and work towards making AU Herning an even more attractive place of study by strengthening the school’s relation with the business community. The role of the external council is also to offer suggestions for ways in which the students can bring their knowledge into play and contribute to growth and prosperity in the area.

AU Herning aims to be in tune with the demand of the students and their future employers, and so the external council must also contribute with knowledge about which research areas and study programmes are relevant and in demand in the region. The external council is meant to supplement the work of AU Herning’s employer panels and other councils, and the first meeting is to take place in the beginning of December.

Members representing the communities surrounding AU Herning

In addition to Chairman Helge Sander, AU Herning’s external council is comprised of the following politicians: Bent Hansen (Chairman of the Regional Council in the Central Denmark Region), Ulla Diderichsen (member of the regional Council), Lars Krarup (Mayor of Herning), Carsten Kissmeyer (Mayor of Ikast-Brande ), H.C. Østerby (Mayor of Holstebro), Iver Enevoldsen (Mayor of Ringkøbing-Skjern) and Niels Viggo Lynghøj (current mayor of Struer).

The business community in Central and Western Jutland and the trade union are represented by Managing Director Lars Gade Hansen from Færch Plastic in Holstebro, Managing Director Nicolai Hansen from KMC in Brande and chairman of the Danish Metalworkers’ Union (Dansk Metal) in Ringkøbing-Skjern Helge Albertsen.

The area’s competencies and values are represented by Medical Director Jens Friis Bak, the Regional Hospital West Jutland, Head of Research at Siemens Wind Power Per H. Lauritsen and Director Ivar Brændgaard from the regional television channel TV MIDT-VEST.

Further information

  • Helge Sander, chairman of AU Herning’s external council: +45 40 73 97 45 / helsand59@gmail.com
  • Michael Evan Goodsite, Head of Department at AU Herning: +45 60 11 25 57 / michaelg@hih.au.dk