Global conference at Aarhus University creates links between companies and researchers

This week, the global PMA conference focusing on the topic of business performance is taking place at Aarhus University. The conference, which is organised in collaboration with the University of Cambridge in England, has a unique dimension in that it encourages knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences between the business community and the university world.

2014.06.24 | Winnie Axelsen

This week, Aarhus University is host to the PMA conference ”Designing the High-Performing Organization”. The topic of this year’s conference is the implementation and utilisation of performance measurement, including how organisations and people perform. The purpose of the conference is to foster inspiration, establish networks and facilitate knowledge sharing about the latest research in the field. What makes this particular conference unique is that it is not only focus on knowledge sharing among researchers; rather, it emphasises knowledge sharing across the board, between the business community and the university. 

“At a conference such as this, where experts and specialists meet, there is a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing across countries and continents. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to discuss issues with other researchers from the same cross field and not least to have your own research challenged by others,” explains Jacob Kjær Eskildsen, who is professor and head of AU Herning. He is one of the organisers behind the conference and is affiliated with the research centre ICOA.

The conference is generally centred on business communities around the world, and the hope is that by having this conference in Aarhus, the Danish business community will allow themselves to be inspired and challenged by the leading experts who attend the conference. The conference takes place from Wednesday 24 June to Friday 26 June.

Recognised keynotes on the programme

“The speakers at the conference are both junior and senior researchers, and we are proud to include some of the most prominent experts on the topics at hand. The keynote speakers are Martin Finster (Associate Professor, Wisconsin School of Business), Alex Atzberger (Chief of Staff, SAP AG) and Harry Hertz (PhD, National Institute of Standards and Technology), who are all leading experts within their respective fields. The participants in this year’s PMA conference come from 30 different countries around the world, and they are all elite researchers within the fields of business performance, business sustainability and innovation,” says Rick Edgeman, who is professor at AU Herning and one of the researchers behind the conference. He is also affiliated with the research centre ICOA.

The PMA conference takes place every other year in different cities around the world on the initiative of the University of Cambridge and PMA. This year, Aarhus University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Oranizational Architecture (ICOA) co-hosts the conference. About 150 participants have signed up to attend the conference at Aarhus University, and there are still places available.

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